Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see Twinkies go. Although I don't eat Twinkies, just the thought that I could never have one even if I wanted to is not pleasing.

So I was thinking of ways that Hostess could be saved. I mean, its a legitimate company that has been along all throughout my childhood and before. I'm sure it can think of ways to keep on going. But I thought of some ideas of my own just in case they need some inspiration.

1) Get Entenmann's to bail them out. Entenmann's obviously is not as upset as the rest of us that Hostess will no longer be selling its goods. But what if Hostess decided to sell part of their Twinkies brand to Entenmann's? Or they could give Entemann's royalty for every box of Twinkies sold. A box of 10 Twinkies is sold for around $3.49 depending on your location so Hostess could give $1.50 royalty for every box of Twinkies sold to Entemmann's. Even though Hostess won't be making as much money as it used to it's still better than going out of business! With their bailout money they can start running again and can think of ways to make up their loss (Nutella filled cupcakes is just a starter idea) ;) 

2) This is a good time to collect donations. I mean have you seen Ebay and Amazon? People are paying thousands of dollars for a box of Twinkies! That's a lot for a yellow cake filled with white cream and a hundreds of calories. Maybe people will be willing to pay thousands to keep the company running. I know a company can't continue running off a couple thousands but lets just see how many are willing to donate.

3) Tell people they're running out of business and then make a bunch of Ebay and Amazon accounts where they make Twinkies and sell them there for thousands. And continue to sell Twinkies and all their other brand named products for as long as people continue to buy them. I don't know it sounded good in my head.

4) If all is lost then all the employees should become exotic dancers. I heard that's doing well these days.

Disclaimer: These aren't well thought out legitimate plans. I'm obviously not a real financial consultant. I mean look at option 4, if that didn't give it away then...I don't know what to say. 

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